Saturday, June 30, 2007

Apple's iPhone

The iPhone from Apple is all that it is crack up to be.
This phone will change the way we think of phones forever.

Friday, June 29, 2007


The new iphone is amazing!
Watch this video to learn all about iphone...
It's Hot!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Immigration Bill

Boxer's vote switch helps revive immigration bill
San Francisco Chronicle - 44 minutes ago
(06-27) 04:00 PDT Washington -- The Senate's mammoth immigration overhaul was resurrected Tuesday in a big test vote -- aided by a reversal by California Sen. Barbara Boxer -- but the strange alliance of business, unions and ethnic groups supporting ...
Immigration bill passes major hurdle Bridgeton News
Immigration and the GOP Wall Street Journal
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Philadelphia Daily News

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Funny Bush

Stop the WAR!

War a new Low!

Poll: War support at new low

Poll: War support at new low

Public support for the war in Iraq has fallen to a new low and Republican support is beginning to waver, a poll published Tuesday found. In the latest CNN-Opinion Research Corporation poll, 69 percent of those polled believe things are going badly in Iraq, and anti-war sentiment among Republican poll respondents has suddenly increased.

Bush prompts rare 'what-he-meant-to say' e-mail

Last update: June 26, 2007 – 10:05 PM

At every opportunity, President Bush has said -- emphatically -- that the legislation he favors to overhaul the nation's immigration laws does not provide amnesty to those who are in the United States illegally.

On Tuesday morning, he said it did -- and his comment prompted a rare acknowledgment from the White House that the president had made a mistake. Speaking to government officials and others in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next door to the White House, Bush said: "You know, I've heard all the rhetoric -- you've heard it, too -- about how this is amnesty. Amnesty means that you've got to pay a price for having been here illegally, and this bill does that."

What? It provides amnesty? That's what the president's critics have been saying all along.

Bush's words began to light up the blogosphere just as the Senate was about to vote on moving ahead with the legislation. As soon as it became clear the errant language was making news, the White House press office moved to tamp down the mini-furor. Spokesman Tony Snow dispatched a "what-the-president-meant-to-say" e-mail to reporters, stating the obvious: "Today, in speaking about comprehensive immigration reform, President Bush misspoke."

Repeating the president's words, Snow added: "This has been construed as an assertion that comprehensive immigration before the Senate offers amnesty to immigrants who came here illegally. That is the exact opposite of the president's long-held and often-stated position."

Indeed, at least 18 times in the past two months Bush has spoken publicly about the legislation, noting each time that, in his view, it would not grant amnesty. As recently as Saturday, Bush made that point, saying the legislation would resolve the status of the estimated 12 million people here illegally. "Under this bill, these workers will be given an opportunity to get right with the law. This is not amnesty. There will be penalties for those who come out of the shadows," the president said. On Tuesday, he got it backward.


GOP Skepticism On Iraq Growing

Key Senators Urge Reduction in Troops

Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, June 27, 2007; Page A01

Key Republican senators, signaling increasing GOP skepticism about President Bush's strategy in Iraq, have called for a reduction in U.S. forces and launched preemptive efforts to counter a much-awaited administration progress report due in September.

In an unannounced speech on the Senate floor Monday night, Sen. Richard G. Lugar (Ind.), the ranking Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee, said the U.S. military escalation begun in the spring has "very limited" prospects for success. He called on Bush to begin reducing U.S. forces. "We don't owe the president our unquestioning agreement," Lugar said.

In seeking a reduction of U.S. forces into a support role in Iraq, Sen. Richard Lugar (R) said President Bush and his team
In seeking a reduction of U.S. forces into a support role in Iraq, Sen. Richard Lugar (R) said President Bush and his team "must come to grips" with reality. (By Lauren Victoria Burke -- Associated Press)

Friday, June 15, 2007

What will you ask the presidential candidates?

What will you ask the presidential candidates?

* Be original -- choose your own approach.
* Be personal -- your perspective is important.
* Choose your focus -- you can address one or all of the candidates.
* Keep it quick -- your question should be less than 30 seconds.
* Make it look good -- speak loudly and keep that camera steady.
* Provide context -- in your question or video description, include your name & home town.
* Please note -- all videos are subject to the YouTube Terms of Use.

Turn your question into a video and you could
see it broadcast and answered on live TV!

This summer and fall, YouTube, CNN and a few engaged and engaging citizens will make political history by having the presidential candidates answer questions submitted via YouTube videos.

The first debate will feature the Democratic candidates on July 23rd in Charleston, South Carolina. Submit your question for the Democrats between June 14 and July 22 (the earlier the better). The CNN political team will choose the most creative and compelling videos, and if yours is one of them, you may get the chance to fly to Charleston to watch the debate live and offer your reactions afterward on YouTube's political video blog, Citizentube.
So if you've always wanted your voice to be heard, now's your chance -- grab a camera and get rolling.

© 2007 YouTube, Inc.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

MUSIC ("I got a crush on OBAMA")

Learn Guitar for Free on YouTube

Learning Guitar for Free (for Now) on YouTube

Listen to this story... by Frank Langfitt

Justin Sandercoe plays a B minor bar chord in a video teaching how to play a Coldplay song.

What's That Chord? Justin Sandercoe plays a B minor bar chord in a video teaching how to play the Coldplay song "Trouble."

A Video Mrs. Obama Might Not Want to Watch

A Video Mrs. Obama Might Not Want to Watch

The most risque thing I had ever seen in politics -- until today -- was when a candidate for Liberal Party leader in Nova Scotia had a bevy of girls dressed a la Robert Palmer's video for "Addicted to Love" standing behind him, complete with fake guitars, during his speech to the convention. He lost.

But now he's got some competition: Obama Girl, a rather comely young woman singing in this YouTube video about her love for Barack Obama in a way that leaves little about her intentions to the imagination.

If I ever ran for politics and somebody made a video like this about me, I don't think I would ever let my significant other see it. also offers some, er, interesting deleted shots from the video. Obama Girl even has her own MySpace page and blog ... of course.

But Obama Girl is just make-believe, a gimmick. ABC News reports that the song was performed by Leah Kauffman, a student at Temple University in Philadelphia, who wrote the lyrics with advertising executive Ben Relles and the music with Rick Friedrich. Actress and model Amber Lee Ettinger lip-synched for the video.

As Frank James observes at The Swamp, just imagine if YouTube had been around in the days of John Kennedy and Bill Clinton's presidencies.

Spotlight on Barack Obama

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Barack Obama YouTube Spotlight

OXmedia (It's Hot)

OXmedia What's Hot!

"I Got a Crush...On Obama"

By Obama Girl